Sanmati Udyog

Oil Immersed Starters

The sanmati Oil Immersed direct on line Starters are ideally used to provide excellent protection to single and three phase motors. Sanmati starters are available with cast alloy housing and oil tank made with cast Iron plus Sheet metal Body. Ensuring flawless end product, the starters are tested in conformation
Oil Immersed starter type is a Push Button operated starter suitable for all kinds of Electrical Motors, Monoblocks, Submersible Pumps etc. and also suitable for dusty, sandy, corrosive and powdery working conditions.
Starter is fitted with three magnetic overload relays with adjustable oil dash-pot time lag for overload and under voltage protection. No-Volt protection is provided in the starter by a magnet coil.


  • High conductivity with coated copper contacts
  • Long service life
  • Testified bi-metallic/magnetic overload relays to ensure complete motor protection
  • Variants available are Star-Delta and Direct-On-Line
  • Making & breaking of contacts in oil meant for swift quenching of arc
  • Excellent prevention of overheating
  • Uninterrupted operation
Ear thing – The Unit is provided with two ear thing terminals.
Cable Connections – The unit is provided with three holes with PVC glands at different sides for entry of cables. The terminal screw has metallic cap for easy & reliable termination of cable.


D.O.L. Oil Immersed Starter With Magnetic Relay
3 HP to 20 HP
D.O.L. Oil Immersed Starter With Bimetal Thermal Relay
5 HP to 20 HP
Semi Automatic Star-Delta Oil Immersed Starter With Bimetal Thermal Relay
15 HP to 25 HP
Fully Automatic Star-Delta Oil Immersed Starter With Bimetal Thermal Relay
15 HP to 40 HP

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