Sanmati Udyog

Reverse Forward Switches

Keeping in mind the market requirements here at Sanmati we manufacture three qualities of R/F switches

1. Economy: 16 amp reverse forward switch Suitable for light use (e.g. Small Drill Machines, grinding machines, sugar cane juice machine, tapping machine and small load reversals)


  • Economical in rates
  • Non-breakable, high quality non electric conductor Bakelite parts
  • High quality brass parts for long hassle free running
  • Low maintenance
  • Smooth switching capacity for continuous running
  • Powder coated deep draw sheet body for long run
2. Deluxe: 16 amp reverse forward suitable for heavy industrial and agricultural use. These switches are capable for continuous duty filing as much as 200 switching operations per hour and mechanical life is exceptionally high running into millions of switching cycles. Could be used with heavy motors operated machines.


  • Heavy deep draw single piece sheet metal body with heated colour coating makes it suitable for use in moisture environment as like in fields
  • Heavy duty moving and stagnant copper parts with heat resistant coating for long hassle free running
  • Copper Thimble tightened wire contacts (used in place of soled contacts)
  • Steel Handle with high quality Bakelite nob for smooth and continuous switching
  • High quality non-breakable DMC block and base set in place of Bakelite set
  • High quality steel spring set for smooth switching and running
3. Sanmati Special: 20 amps reverse forward switch for extensive industrial use (eg. For kharad machine, milling machine, heavy drill and taping machines and could also be used as changeover for phase changer on generator sets below 5 kw)


  • Long and heavy sheet metal body with heated colour coating making it safe for extensive use.
  • Non-breakable electrical grade DMC block and base sets for long life.
  • Extra heavy, heat resistant coated pure copper parts for heavy and long working hours
  • Copper wire contacts tightened with copper thimbles to avoid heating of contacts.
  • Steel sleeved handle, heavy spring sets and high quality Bakelite top for easy and smooth switching
  • The connection terminals are easily accessible. The terminal screws have only to be loosened, and the bare wire ends put under the arched. washers and clamped tight.

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