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Switch Gears

The Series of sanmati electrical switchgears are designed for durability and safety. An in-depth understanding of markets and the ability to respond with excellent products have consistency supported the growth of sanmati. We have always aimed to understand the customer requirements and to innovate as according for customer satisfaction.
1. CONTACTS: All contacts are made from high conductivity copper and electrical grade extruded brass. Dimensions and shapes of all copper and brass components are designed to get maximum performance.
2. CABLE CONNECTION: Connections of cable with kit Kat fuses, Main switches, changeover switches are too convenient and safe. Each wire hole has brass screw with perfect size and thread to tighten the cable.
3. PORCELAIN OF KIT KAT FUSES : Electrical grade best quality porcelains extracted from Gujrat are being used in all type of switch gears. Shapes are most suitable in technical and operational view for hassle free wire tightening and continuous working
4. BODY OF SWITCHGEARS : Full care is taken while designing the size of the switch gear boxes. Aim of the engineers while designing the body of the switchgears is not only to give full space for hassle free work but also to make it compact and look sensitive.
For 16 amp 32 amp and 63 amp switches sanmati switchgears have a deep drawn joint free sheet metal, heated colour coated body for long and extensive use.
For switch gear of 100 amp and 200 amp we use heavy fabricated heat coated sheet metal body with open side panels.
5. SWITCHING CAPACITY & MECHANICAL OPERATION: These main switches and change over switches have exceptionally high switching capacity and mechanical life. All end shields have spring hard copper L fix to avoid loose contacts. Mechanism of switches has perfect lever assemblies according to their range.

Sanmati Switch gear range includes


Main Switches: From 16-amp single phase to 200-amp three phase

Change Overs: From 16-amp 2 pole to 200-amp 4 pole

Bus bars: 32 amp to 1000 amp

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